Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cheating is still Wrong

In our increasingly moral relativistic world, any degree of accountability is encouraging. It has been an interesting year in terms of marital fidelity, but at least the perpetrators still feel significant public consequences for their "indiscretions."

Check out this piece by Politico.

I think we're getting closer to the day where politicians mess around and it's no big deal, continue on career.

Oh wait, that was William "Depends on the definition of 'is'" Clinton.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Solution = Government?

This from the WSJ today:

Of course, the kind of people who are apt to push for government-imposed
solutions are those who are also apt to believe they will be the ones imposing
decisions, not the ones who have to live with decisions imposed by others.
Sometimes that's because they enjoy the wealth that gives them escape hatches
unavailable to the less affluent, such as their ability to ensure that their own
children never have to set foot in a public school. Mostly, however, their trust
in government reflects their confidence that they have all the answers and that
it's government's job to enforce them.

What about conservatives? Don't we have confidence in our judgment and
abilities? Of course we do. The difference is that we trust free citizens to
make decisions about themselves—and are skeptical about government. As someone
who worked inside a White House, I say you really believe government should be
small when you see your friends running it.

Well said. Read the rest here.